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HMRC has investigated limited company contractors and accountancy services providers for many years to ensure they follow the latest tax rules and regulations. As part of this, Churchill Knight & Associates Ltd clients (and clients of other accountancy providers in the UK) have been examined to see if they fall within the Managed Service Company (MSC) legislation.

HMRC’s initial assessment, which focuses on the 2017/18, 2018/19 and 2019/20 tax years, incorrectly considers Churchill Knight clients to be Managed Service Companies. However, our clients are not alone. We know clients from other well-known UK accountancy practices are also under investigation. Unfortunately, our own independent research suggests that, unlike Churchill Knight, these accountancy providers are not offering support to those who are impacted – leaving many limited company directors in the dark and alone to challenge HMRC and defend their business.

We appreciate that HMRC’s MSC investigation has come as a shock to all those who are affected. Understandably, our clients are deeply concerned and worried about the outcome. To provide support, we have built a platform that our clients have 24/7 access to, which provides all the information they need about the investigation. The platform includes a background to MSC legislation, how to appeal against HMRC’s notices, ongoing updates with the latest developments (including feedback on meetings and discussions we have had with HMRC and our lawyers), and around the clock support via a dedicated contact feature.

While we are doing everything we can to support our clients through this difficult time, we are deeply concerned that limited company directors not using our services have been effectively deserted and left to face these challenging times alone. After many discussions with industry stakeholders, we have invested significant time and resources developing the MSC Support Platform – a system designed to provide everyone impacted by the MSC investigation (non-Churchill clients) with all the information they need to move forward with complete knowledge and confidence for a low, one-off cost. There is a tremendous amount of information to take on board, and the MSC Support Platform is designed to break all of this down in easy to understand sections – as well as offering a comprehensive support system where those who register can message us directly and receive quick responses to any questions they have. Please scroll down for more information about the MSC Support Platform and what is available to those who register.

About Churchill Knight

Founded in 1998 by a contractor, Churchill Knight & Associates Ltd has grown into one of the most recognised and respected contractor accountants in the UK. From the very beginning, we have done everything to ensure our services are compliant and provides our clients with exactly what they need to run their limited companies successfully and in accordance with HMRC’s rules and regulations. We are proud to be an accredited member of the Freelancer and Contractor Services Association (FCSA) – the leading self-regularly body dedicated to ensuring the supply chain of temporary workers is compliant and operates ethically.

We believe HMRC’s investigation showcases an incorrect application of the MSC legislation, and therefore HMRC has made a mistake and MSC legislation does not apply. Working closely with specialist lawyers, we have submitted a thorough technical response to HMRC explaining many reasons why we believe they have misinterpreted the legislation, and we are providing comprehensive support to all our clients who have been affected.

Tom Edwards, Director at Churchill Knight, has said the following regarding the HMRC investigation:

“We believe that HMRC has entirely misinterpreted the MSC legislation, and we strongly deny being involved with our accountancy clients as a Managed Service Company Provider. Throughout this investigation, we’re offering around the clock support to our impacted clients and have built an online system to help them throughout the appeals process.

Everyone at Churchill Knight is shocked about this investigation, but I don’t feel like it’s an attack on us. It’s an attack on the industry and on contractors who operate their own limited company. I am well aware that clients from other well-known accountancy practices have been targeted, and unfortunately, they are not receiving the support they need and deserve.

By joining the MSC Support Platform – I sincerely hope those left to face this investigation without support can get the answers and information they need to move forward with confidence and a well-thought-out plan of action. Our highly trained professionals are also on hand to respond quickly to any questions or concerns that contractors have, and the platform is under constant development to ensure it continues to meet the needs of those who have been left on their own”.

What is included?

The MSC Support Platform is available to limited company directors who have been impacted by the MSC investigation (non-Churchill Knight clients) at a low, one-off cost, and includes all the below.


Support via a dedicated contact feature

Churchill Knight has been providing ongoing support via a dedicated contact channel for our clients. When you join the MSC Support Platform, you will also have access to a dedicated contact channel to message us as much as you want. We are on hand to answer your questions and discuss any concerns you have about the investigation and your defence. The dedicated contact feature is not generic – you will receive tailored responses from the Churchill Knight team to your precise queries. You can also upload documents directly to us if you would like our opinion and guidance on what course of action is required.


A private forum

Everyone who joins the MSC Support Platform will have access to a private forum, providing the perfect safe place to discuss the investigation and seek guidance and share advice with professionals who have been impacted. There are public forums out there, and while these have advantages, a significant concern is the spread of misinformation. By using the private forum on the MSC Support Platform, Churchill Knight can monitor comments and share our views while ensuring that inaccuracies are addressed.



The platform is full of the most frequency asked questions by our clients who have been impacted by this investigation. Have a look and see if these help you answer any queries you have. If not, you can send us a message, as we are regularly updating the FAQs.


A history of our correspondence with HMRC and our clients

The MSC Support Platform includes all of the updates that we have provided our clients about the progress of the MSC investigation, including the information we have received from HMRC and how it applies to the investigation and our clients defence. The portal also includes the information we have shared with our clients on the back of meetings with HMRC and our lawyers who are leading the technical defense of the group action case.


Assistance with appealing against determination notices (Regulation 80 and Section 8 for NI)

To help our clients appeal against Regulation 80 and Section 8 for NI, Churchill Knight has created a template appeal letter that will be available to all those who register to the MSC Support Platform, as well as the information you need to submit an appeal to HMRC.


Section 61B(1) (a) and 61B(1) (b) ITEPA 2003 advice

Churchill Knight have helped some of our clients challenge HMRC in regards to Section 61B(1) (a) and 61B(1) (b) ITEPA 2003. The MSC Support Portal includes thorough information about this legislation and will help you determine whether or not you think you are eligible to challenge HMRC. The information you need to challenge HMRC about this legislation is also included, and we’re here to offer support with your challenges, if required.


Ongoing development

The MSC Support Platform is designed to provide those impacted by HMRC’s MSC investigation with all the information they need to move forward with complete knowledge and confidence. We will be updating the platform regularly with new content, the latest updates and materials that have been requested by those who have registered.

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